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Posted on December 29, 2009 in Cake Decorating, Facebook, Goals, Lists, Resolutions, Sewing

2010 is a mere 2 days away so I thought I would put together my list of things I want to accomplish. Resolutions perhaps but more like a “I challenge thee to complete at least one thing in your life, and this thing shall be this list”. Similar to a 101 things in 101 days, 1001 things in 1001 days…this is my…uh…10 in 2010

Here it goes…on record…on the internets.

  • Cake Decorating Lessons – Registered for March/April classes. Woohoo – will post progress here
  • Sewing Lessons – ok I can sew but I don’t remember all that I should from high school
  • Lose Weight, Get Healthy – I’m a yo-yo-er from way back…(weigh back) and I am getting annoyed with that lifestyle so I am changing it up. I love going shopping with my new husband and now I want to really love it by fitting into whatever I want. We also do physical things while on vacation and I don’t want to be Mrs. Huffy McPufferson while climbing up a mountain.
  • Sell cards and other crafts on which involves me actually listing items…not just thinking about listing items.
  • Add artwork to all of the CDs I just imported into iTunes over the 2009 holidays
  • Have dates/visits/plundering/events with my friends at least twice a month. I’m a horrible homebody. People should call to invite me out more. Just saying.
  • Only work one job – anyone who knows me might suspect this is one of my biggest challenges.
  • Create concept for and implement a Facebook application – career related goal – woohoo
  • Design my own wordpress layout – because I got mad skillz yo
  • Completely unpack and organize my life. This is going to take the longest so its last. That way its not mocking me throughout the year.

Egads! 2011 is coming quick 🙂

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