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Posted on July 21, 2010 in Crafts, etsy, Goals

So I had my first etsy sale and it came while we were en route to Calgary for a family emergency. I had to rush back home to Edmonton to meet the guy installing our countertop (yay we finally have a sink) so it worked out that I could immediately package and ship the order.

That was July 2.

She got the order yesterday! In the States. I swear the postal service still uses horses to deliver the mail. She bought two tins of the red satin pushpins which are definitely a favourite of mine. We had started exchanging daily messages about whether the package had arrived yet. I’ll be doing some more pins for her daughters bedroom.

I’ll also be doing 200 pins for another lady’s wedding – she is using them to post up her reception table seating cards. Kreg and I searched high and low for the perfect green. I am just anxiously waiting for more buttons to come in the mail so I can get those out. Fingers crossed for this week as she needs them next week. I’ll be shipping them out by super fast mail at this rate.

I also sold 50 random pins to a quilt shop in Calgary. I like to buy fat quarters for my pins and in doing so at her shop she asked if she could buy some from me. So I’ll be bringing those down this weekend for her.

I ordered a ton of buttons this time. I am hoping to do up some boxes that I can farm out to local stores to sell for me.

I found something I’m good at. Fabric Covered Pushpins. Woot.

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  1. Doug

    You're doin' it! Hooray!

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