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Posted on December 30, 2009 in Goals, Resolutions, weightloss, wii

For Christmas, my mother in law got me the Biggest Loser Wii game.

To the casual observer, two things are likely wrong with the above statement…the fact my mother in law got me a weightloss game and the fact I called it a game.

My M-I-L was not trying to make a statement about my weight gain. In the last 2 years with my now-husband, I’ve gained a whack of weight – this fact is true.  I did ask for the game for Christmas along with an electric blanket and a glue gun for crafting.  She told me that if I wanted an electric blanket, my loving husband wasn’t doing his job properly. 🙂 So I got a glue gun, the BL wii game, a sweater and a Chapters gift card.

The second part of the statement is also true. It is a game. It could also be seen as torture but it gives it a competitive edge which I need for weightloss. Whether I am beating the scale against a friend or just challenging myself – it has to be a game for me or I will lose interest.

So far the game has the ability to kick my ass. I am going to use it in conjunction with my gym membership which I have been ignoring.

I have been on diets such as Weightwatchers, Dr. Bernstein, etc. The problem is with those plans I am restricting what I am eating. My husband and I LOVE to eat so I know I have to kickstart my metabolism and work my butt off to justify a splurge now and then. I don’t want to be a lettuce freak but I do want to be buff and tough and able to climb mountains – metaphorically and literally.

The trick with the BL game is they have trainers that yell at you, elimination weigh-ins, challenges and you can completely customize your workout or just follow their suggestions. It also includes a nutritional side with recipes and a calorie counter.

While I don’t think the WII allows you to push yourself with weight training, it provides a solid back-up when you just can’t get to the gym or it’s too cold to venture outside – which for 6-7 months of the year here – is a completely valid reason.

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  1. Shar

    Let me know how it works... I need to do something else besides WW. WW is great to start, but it's the activity (or lack thereof) that's killing me.

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