Joining the January Jumpstarters

Posted on January 17, 2010 in weightloss

I know the regular gym people hate the crush of Resolution Riders, the New Year Ninnies who crowd the gym and take over their favourite machines. I’m sort of one of that crowd even though I’ve had my gym membership there since June. However, I made this promise to Kreg and myself that I would go to the gym every day until his sister’s wedding at the end of February. Well I made this on Thursday and already missed yesterday. Kreg justified it because we went bowling instead. Bowling isn’t so much exercise as a mind game…just when you think you are awesome, you gutter it at the last second. Anyhoo, I’m going and I know I will miss somedays but I want to at least get in 30 minutes of cardio a day. I am tired of being Mrs. HuffinPuffer when it comes to stairs or jaunty walks around the mall even.

So far after 3 days of going, I am not doing too bad. The first day was uhm…ok so…uh,…it was crap. I just about died from lack of oxygen. The second day was so-so but tonight was actually good. I shaved 3.5 minutes off my distance goal from Friday morning and I felt good. I could have kept going for longer and wasn’t constantly looking at the clock. I think it also helped that Sister Act was on the TV and could you get off the elliptical in the middle of a sweet choir song?

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