TEDx Edmonton

Posted on March 9, 2010 in Conferences, Goals

I’m attending! Only 100 people get accepted and there was an application process. I didn’t make it into the original 100 but I was next on the waiting list so woo hoo! I’m excited to go.

Taken from their site: “The theme for TEDx Edmonton is “Cultivating the Creative Economy”. It will be an incredible opportunity to be inspired by leading creative professionals, technology experts, entrepreneurs and business and cultural leaders from across the city and around the globe, and learn how they are driving the creative economy. Built around the unique TED Talks format, themes will include creative entrepreneurship, creative sustainability and creative technologies. Not only will you hear about innovative programs and projects, but you’ll also gain the tangible tools to make them happen within your organizations, businesses and communities.

Creative Entrepreneurship – At the intersection of creativity and innovation is opportunity. Where there is opportunity, there are entrepreneurs building companies and working towards social change.

Creative Sustainability – Sustainability has become part of every industry from design to green technologies. We’ll explore concepts and emerging practices that are reducing negative impact on the environment.

Creative Technologies – Creative technologies are shaping the future of the global creative economy. We’ll explore emerging technologies that are impacting successful creative economy growth.”

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