Removing Wallpaper

Posted on January 23, 2010 in Renovations

Thanks to a wonderful tip from my friend Janine, we have successfully removed all the last remnants of the nasty wallpaper covering our kitchen walls. We had painstakingly removed the vinyl wallpaper top and then were faced with the paper backing resolutely clinging to the smooth paint – either the colour of butter or rose OR gripping the absolutely nasty bumpy mess of plaster. Janine suggested mixing fabric softener and water to spray all over the paper. Well we did and it was amazingly awesome. Using just a scraper the paper slid off like a second skin.

Now on to the plastering, sanding, priming, painting of the kitchen wall. Pictures coming soon!

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  1. Shar

    I saw that tip on HGTV! Love home and garden :) Clearly my friend, you need pictures :P

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