I am a friend, a daughter, a niece, a cousin, a crafter, a communications person with a specific interest in online marketing, and an addict of shiny things which, without insulting my mother, could make me part crow.

I have been online consistently in some form or other since 1997. I was introduced to chatlines and geocities, cutting my teeth on websites and social networking with a group of people I still keep in contact with. Yes, I still remember my ICQ number…

I started writing online regularly in 2001 in what is now known as blogging. It, of course, existed far before this but I got into a group of people for whom blogging was literally a lifestyle. This is when I met a really solid and consistent friend group who I would chat and blog with online daily – some members actually traveled to my wedding in June, 2009.

Online Social Networks and online communications is my main interest in my career. I tend to focus on why people do the things they do online as a result of their environment, education level, and circle of influence.  I enjoy creating positive online user experiences that allow people to access more information, savings or to get that really great product they want.

I love to laugh and I love to make crafts. I tend to focus on card making but am taking a cake decorating course in the Fall of 2010. I also have a dream to make great handbags.

All in all, I like knowing I made someone smile..and these are the pieces of me that attempt to do that.

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